As entrepreneurship is always built of faith in mission and hard work, we have been working hard and we could successfully attain a notable achievement, marking our success in the healthcare industry in GCC.
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Material: %100 polypropylene

EcoMed disposable curtains are made from%100 polypropylene non-woven farbic , etremely durable and can last for over 12 months. It has one of the lowest
environmental impacts of any material-synthetic or traditional.

Stitched tieback: Extra wide stitched tieback

Disposable curtains are pre-pleated and when not in use can be folded back into a
much smaller stack thus allowing better light distribution for a brighter environment.
Each curtain is fitted with a stitched extra wide tieback with VELCOR sticker which secures the curtain neatly when not in use.

Customized labelling system: 2 identification labels

Two clear and simple permanent heat sealed self-auditing labels on each curtain
allows anyone to see when the curtain was last changed. And the clear NO ENTRY mark to provide paients privacy!

Infection control: Built-in antimicrobial technology

EcoMed silver antimicrobial additives (EPA registered) are not a spray-on, but built into the polymer structure of the non-woven fabric at the point of manufacture. The antibacterial active components are evenly distributed throughout the whole curtain. The antimicrobial effect will last until the end of curtain useful life and until recycled.

Flame retardant: BS5867: Part 2 Type C

EcoMed disposable cubicle curtains comply with the same fire retardancy standards as conventional polyester cubicle curtains: BS 5867: Part 2 Type C 2008 (British standard) ;
NFPA 2011 :701(American standard); AS 1530 .3: 1999 (Australian Standard).