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Interventional Cardiology & Radiology

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Interventional Cardiology & Radiology

ELUTAX ``3``

Now - with stabilized Drug Matrix

Sophisticated DCB, with a proprietary coating technology, to treat atherosclerotic lesions in the brain, coronary, carotid and peripheral vessel, as well as in the veins and in dialysis fistulas. The special folding and diameter reduction technique allows to use very small introducers and to be less invasive.

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Shanghai Kindly Medical Instruments CO. Ltd.

Shanghai Kindly Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) was established in 2006. Our company is a listed company on main board of Hong Kong Exchange with KDL Medical as stock name and HK1501 as stock code.

Used to assist in compression hemostasis after the introducer is removed from the artery.

Used in PTCA surgery to assist in establishing in vitro a working passageway for PTCA balloon<br /> and stent into the human body.

The purpose is to establish a passageway from the puncture position to the lesion or to the distal end through the lesion to assist other instruments in positioning.

Used in PTCA surgery to inflate the balloon to achieve the purpose of dilating the vessel or placing the stent in the vessel.